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Spend up the technology of LED , realize the lower cost

It is LED lighting source which is the main green lighting in the 21st century. LED lighting is not only the technology of making and sealing of LED chips but also a system which include the design of optics,heat,the management of power supply and so on.In point of LED capability at present,the compositive LED drive by the Low-voltage constant-current make the engineer face to first solve the  semiconductor lighting the high temperature heating-sinking problem and the power supply management problem caused by the alternating current city electricity transfer to low-voltage, constant-current electricity.


In addition,traditional sealed power LED has the characteristic of the lower luminous flux and high lightness,which can bring out the serious dizzying lighting.


It is a series Value Chain from LED extended flack to the final lighting lamp,material extension:The making of LED extended flack and chip?the sealing of the core of tubes? the design and assembly of lamps and so on. On the hand, every link of the value chain can form a independent products, and has respective technology barrier and the need of study.On the other hand, the quality of the final products will be Influenced by every link. For example, the main part of semiconductor is chip, but the lighting efficiency can reach 100lm/W, it doesn抰 equal to the lighting efficiency of semiconductor can reach 100 lm/W; the most import is that if  semiconductor Lighting lamp can be approved by the market, it must have the obvious advantage on the efficiency of the lamp, reliability, the soft of the eyes and so on other integrated capability ,compared with the traditional lighting lamp.


In another word, even if the efficiency of semiconductor lighting lamp can reach 100lm/W,it does not mean it must be accepted by the market. There are many technical problems waiting us to study, such as the lighting effects and quality which include color rendering,  chroma consistency, reliability,the soft of eye and so on.


The extension of market will promote the quantity and the investment of study. Spend up the technology progress; thereby make the capability improved and price lowered. It is possible for  Semiconductor lighting to come into and extend the market, only when the development of technology have the advantage of efficiency, quality of lighting, and design compared with tradition lighting source.

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