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Europe Starts Banning Inefficient 60 watt Light Bulbs from 1 September 2011

Sources imform that Europe’s households have set off widely banning inefficient 60 watt light bulbs from 1 September 2011.

The inefficient 60 watt light bulbs are being taken place of compact fluorescent light bulbs ( CFLs ) and light emitting diode lamps ( LEDs ). Halogen lights will remain on the shelves but are only marginally more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Europeans will be able to choose lamps which are at least 75% more efficient than old light bulbs and last at least seven times longer.

According to Greenpeace EU energy policy adviser Frauke Thies, "We can’t win the fight against climate change unless we stop wasting energy. Efficient light bulbs are a start that can help cut carbon and cut energy bills for European families. They’ve got rid of the worst, now governments must embrace efficient bulbs while ensuring that they are disposed of correctly. The next step will be to roll out efficiency measures on a wider scale, through improved insulation or the promotion of energy saving methods by energy providers. Efficiency remains the easiest and cheapest way to cut carbon emissions."

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