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New Super LED Wall Washer post on the market

We developed some new Super Wall Washers and just posted them on the market, it was improved based on the old version.


Compared to the previous super wall washer, the new ones has only silver cover for choice. And the controlling system and the driver are assembled sperately under the light fixture insead of inside the wall washer, it will be better for heat sinking which will well ensure stable quality and

longer life span. What’s more, the style will make the future maintance more easily and convinient. 


More details about the new iterm:


Emitting color:

The new multi-row wall washer Adopt 1W high power LED as light source, both single color and RGB color available.


Controlling System:

For the RGB wall washer, there are 14 kinds of build-in color changing modes for choice, users can operate directly by the buttons in the DMX window on the back of product. This wall washer can also be controlled by outside DMX 512 controller or super DMX Console to achieve more different lighting effects. It can achieve whole or isolated light effect control.


Connection: the new ones can connect in series one by one directy by the connectors coming out. It make the installation very convenient and easy.


Application: Widely used for both indoor and outdoor decoration, such as outside building wall, stage, recreation room, plaza as so on.

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