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5050 Single color 2016 LED bulb window border
Model Number: GLMD136L-U
Lamp Power(W): 10W/M
Input Voltage(V): DC 12V

Feature Sketch Illumination Package Instructions

Products  Introduction:

LED ball bulb window light , unique shape, simplify, high brightness, There are shade and no shade two kinds. Between two lights distance can be adjusted automatically, low voltage power supply, They can instead of the traditional high-pressure ball bulb, waterproof rating IP65, have a variety of color-changing mode, installation is simple, safe, convenient, beautiful appearance, nattiness.

Products Parameter: 


Conent to power lighting effect:




2016 LED bulb window  light.jpg



Scope of application: Wedding background layout, guesthouses, hotels, bars, parties, commercial, home, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke, fashion shows, dance halls, stage, advertising light boxes, and so on all sites, can completely replace incandescent, energy saving light.


Installation Notice:

1.Single color window light connections as shown above, using connecting in series, usually,  After connected a certain length, should cause the voltage drop, usually Single color window light can be connected up to 10 meters,  Exceeding 10 meters length, it is necessary to connect a power supply,  When using it according to the specific voltage drop changing situation to determine whether to increase the power supply. 

2. RGB window light connection by parallel, usually a maximum length of 10 meters in series,  When using it according to the specific voltage drop changing situation to increase or decrease the length.


3. The power supply selection, based on the total power of connected

LED border window light X1.3 =the power of power supply. Example: To install a window light 10 meters, select Power supply = 10W (a meter) X10X1.3 In general, the power supply need much more 30%.

4.Select RGB controller, Like secleting adaptor, as controller , general power is 144W, when used pay attention to power of driver, usually select a mini controller for RGB controllers.


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