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 Products >  LED Strip >> 5050 Non-waterproof Double row led strip  

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5050 Non-waterproof Double row led strip
Model Number: ST5050N120
Lamp Power(W): 144W
Input Voltage(V): DC 12V

Feature Sketch Illumination Package Instructions

Product Introduction

SMD5050 Non-waterproof Double row led flexible strip, using constant voltage 12V drive, high-

brightness, low current,12 leds can be cut, max available in 5 meters, its unique LED  structure, 

make it in the heat sinking, lifetime, light decline in 3% -5% after 1000 hours, get a good control, 

two-year warranty.



Apply to indoor 

Apply to advertisement decoration, interior decoration, local lighting.

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Product picture

Performance Parameter

Part No.


LED quantity






Light source




Viewing angle


Input Voltage


Suitable controller

DC 12power supply in constant voltage

Standard reservation line


Working temperature

-10 ° C ~ 40 ° C

IP rank


Installation and dimensions

Installation with 3M double-sided tape to stick, the dimension chart is as follows (unit: mm)


Connection diagram



Product should meet “use environment” requiremetn when they work.

Installation Instruction

1 . In the choice of power cord, power cord should be noted that the current carried should be larger 

than normal working current by the lamp brought.

2 . Controller and switching power supply must work in ventilated and dry environment.

3.Make sure the input wire or output wire of control bus without a short circuit before operation. In the case 

of work such as short circuit, the internal components may be destroyed


1. Suggest led strip connection with length no more than 5meters. 3/6LED as a loop, the interface can be

 cut to use, but can not be cut in the middle of a loop

2.Collocate suitable power supply according to the total power after strip concatenation, and also pls assure 

the power of led adapter must be larger than the load power, or else the power supply will be burned out.

3. LED strip drove by DC12V, pls do not use output DC5V or DC24V power supply, it will not light or burn out; 

if by DC24 driver, pls do not use output DC12V or DC36V power supply, same as above.

4. This product is non-waterproof led series strip, suitable for indoor application, not in the rain or put into the water.

5. The soft silica gel is on the LED surface, forbid any chemical solvent smear on the surface which have 

chemical reaction with silicon, otherwise the leds can not light.

6. Working temperature is -10 C °~ + 40 C ° .

7. If the lamp body is damaged, it must use the new alternative.

8. It can not connect power when installation or removal.

Packing diagram:

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