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50W LED Floodlight
Model Number: FL50W
Lamp Power(W):
Input Voltage(V):

Feature Sketch Illumination Package Instructions
Technique Parameter:



Working voltage


LED Quantity


100PCS SMD5730 0.5W







Viewing angle

100 degrees

Projection Distance


Working temperature

-20˚C~ 40˚C

IP Rank


Our LED flood lights are widely used in street road, fishing boat, commercial building, gas station etc.
★ product features :
1. The body is used with cast aluminum and Surface anodic oxidation treatment, they have good heat 
disspate and The light body beautiful and exquisite.
2. The main structure of light body parts are used the new aluminum body. They have the advantages 
of impact resistance, corrosion resistance.
3. The main heat radiating component lamps are used with ultra high thermal conductivity aluminum 
materials which processed by special technology
4. The reflector is used with high-purity aluminum material with good reflectivity. 
5. The glass is used with High intensity tempered glass. After the special craft processing,  they have a
 good light transmittance and anti ultraviolet function.
6. Color optional: white, warm white, red, blue, green, blue, yellow. 
7. They have environmental protection and adapt high power COB led as lighting source.  There is no 
heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin.
8. Humanized design: It’s simple and easy for the lighting installation and maintenance. The installation 
angle is from 45 degree to 75degree.
Application Dawing:


 Dimension drawing:(Unit:mm)


Mounting instruction:

1. Make sure the setting grounding and power off before use

2. Please make sure the signal cable and power cable of last lamp is waterproof.

3. Please make the controller and power supply is working under Ventilation, dry environment.

4. Please check the main power cable and signal is working normal. If working when short circuit will making controller burned.

Attention :

1. please turn off the power before teardown or mounting the products ;

2. Replace the protect cover if any broken ;

Common fault and elimination method

1. If the light is not working, please check and make sure the power is switch on.

2. If the light keeping working after power off, please check and make sure power cable is no contact undesirable.

Alarm: If the light can not working normal and Ruled out above error, please contact with Professional maintenance personnel and forbid disassembly if unprofessional.



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