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60 PAR Light
Model Number: PAR38-60W
Lamp Power(W):
Input Voltage(V):

Feature Sketch Illumination Package Instructions

   LED Par light,It’s used widely on the indoor illumination, such as the hotel, hall, school, hospital, store, showcase, restaurant, etc. ; used on the local illumination, such as the exhibition hall, art hall, museum, office, etc.; used on the atmosphere illumination, such as the disco, bar, karaoke club, etc.; used on the jewelry, gold, and fashion lighting.

   it uses multi-angle-design PC optical lens with high transparency, high brightness high power LED, and built-in power supply with high PF value and high transfer efficiency, precise manufactured aluminum heat sink, and the plastic lampshade. It has delicate appearance, good thermal dissipation, and light weight.


Part No.
  LED Quantity
Input Voltage(V)
Color-rendering index
18PCS SMD3535
degree,With fan
φ95X 127.3mm
30PCS SMD3535
degree,With fan
φ120X 143.3mm







Dimension DiagramUnit: mm


5. Warning
    Please do not connect power supply when the bulb is still in box
    Pay attention to anti-fire, anti-electricity and anti-shake
    Please read the structure carefully before installation, keep it safe and you may use it for future reference.
6. Attention
Caustic or dissolvent chemicals may damage the protection curst. Normal working temperature is -20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity is 0~95%. If above this range, it will affect the lifetime of product.
7. Common failure and solution 
If the lamp failed to light, please check whether it connects power supply correctly and the power is in ON position.
If the lamp frequently turns on and off, please check whether the connection between power and the lamp is fixed well.
Note: Please contact professionals in case of above solutions do not work
8. Precaution for Use
     Suggest do not touch lamp housing while lighting in high temperature.
     Please do not clean the product with rough item or cleaning agent, do not use the high-pressure water to wash it due to the lamp for indoor use only.
     Some components of this product are irreplaceable, and can not maintain it. If damage, please abandon it.
     Please recycling the product seriously after it reaches the using lifespan. You also can get some advice from the local retailer.
     Recommend working temperature -20℃~40℃
     If the lamp or wire insulation has been damaged, please stop using, and check it regularly.
     The lamp need professional person to install and maintain it.
9. Applition :
﹡ Please contact with the supplier about the details of warranty and working environment. 
Sorry we won’t notice if there has any change.
﹡ If any queries about the specification, please consult with the qualified engineer.
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